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Bathroom Remodeling to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most important investment you can make in your home, so use a company that can help maximize your investment. Dave Crowley Services of Quincy, Massachusetts, knows how to put it all together, and we have an experienced crew that is knowledgeable in every area, from floors and shower walls to plumbing and electrical. Let us handle your bathroom renovation and we'll be sure to make your space come alive with our construction and design expertise.

Range of Features to Modernize Your Space

At our company, we aim to give your bathroom a fresh, new look. This is achieved by utilizing a variety of modern touches, such as benches in shower stalls or non-slip flooring. Whatever feature you'd like to incorporate into your bathroom design, we are more than happy to include it. There is no limit to what we can do when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

We Specialize In:
• Water Closets and Bidets
• Bathroom Doors
• Non-Slip Flooring
• Ground-Fault Electrical Receptacles
• Benches & Seats in Shower Enclosures
• Efficient Ventilation Systems
• Bathroom Heating Systems
• Task Lighting at Every Functional Area
• Pressure-Balanced Water Control Valves in Showers
• Temperature-Control Valves in Showers
• Towel Bars & Rings within Reach of Fixtures
• Bathroom Linen & Paper Product Storage
• General Lighting Throughout Bathrooms
• Safety Glazing on Glass Shower Doors
• Electrical Switches Placed Away from Tubs & Showers
• Grab Bars Inside Enclosures or at Shower or Tub Entrances
Bathroom Finished