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Inspection and Cleaning of Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Ducts

Dave Crowley Services of Quincy, Massachusetts, keeps your air ducts clean and free of debris with regular inspection and cleaning. By having the air ducts cleaned on a routine basis, you'll enjoy improved indoor air quality and even save money on your monthly utility bill. Our company provides air duct cleaning for apartments, homes, hospitals, industrial kitchens and systems, office buildings, pet centers, restaurants, and retail spaces.

Air Ducts Before and After

Getting Your Air Ducts Clean

Each service begins with an inspection of the site's conditions. This helps us determine the amount of maintenance needed. Once we've determined the work needed to be done, we will begin the job.

Using state-of-the-art machines, we evacuate air through a 10" vacuum hose, providing industrial-strength suction to eliminate the spread of contaminated material. Compressed air is then introduced at the extremes of the system, driving various brush attachments to scrub the vents clean, thus air washing debris into the vacuum. This ensures cleaner ducts that won't get clogged with dust and causing pollution or other indoor air-quality problems.

Our Cleaning Methodology

Your HVAC system will be cleaned using source-removal, mechanical cleaning methods designed to extract contaminants from within the system and safely remove contaminants from the building.

Vacuum devices exhausting air inside the building will be equipped with HEPA filters. All vacuum devices exhausting air outside the facility will be equipped with particulate collection, including adequate filtration to contain debris removed from the HVAC system. Such devices will exhaust in a manner that will not allow contaminants to re-enter the building.

Mechanical agitation devices (air whips) will be used to dislodge debris adhering to interior system surfaces, such that debris may be safely conveyed to vacuum collection devices.

The service starts at $400.00 per system. Request our help so you can have a cleaner air duct system in your home or business. We also offer dryer vent cleaning, which is helpful in preventing fires, as well as saving you money over the long run.



Every servicing begins with an inspection of the general site conditions to determine appropriate maintenance

Air System Cleaning

• Apartments

• Homes

• Hospitals

• Industrial Kitchens

• Industrial Systems

• Office Buildings

• Pet Centers

• Restaurants

• Shops

Statement of Work

The following is our Statement of Work, which outlines the practices and procedures we employ when cleaning ventilation and air-conditioning ducts:

We Will:

• All HVAC Duct Systems and Machinery
• Remove and Clean All Vent Grills and Registers
• Close and Seal Access Areas When Complete
• Air Wash and Scrub All Supply and Return Ducts
• Clean and Service Air-Handling Units
• Install New Air Filters
• Clean Heat and Air-Conditioning Coil Assemblies
• Perform Quality and Safety Checks on All Systems
• Stage, Set Up, and Connect the Vacuum to the Ductwork
• Constantly Evacuate Air and Debris with Large-Scale Vacuum Equipment
• Clean Condensate Pans and Ensure Condensate Drainage
• Remove and Clean All Equipment and Dispose of Collected Debris